Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Punk Rock Flea Market.

Pull out your calendar. Check what's on your agenda for Sunday. Cross it off and go to the Punk Rock Flea Market (PRFM). There's no other way around it.Twice a year R5 Productions (the brains behind all those stellar shows at the First Unitarian Church) puts together a bazaar for the ages. Walls of vinyl, racks of vintage clothing, spreads of tasty goodies, droves of original artists and countless other nick knacks (and sometimes just plain junk) all squish together in one small space.
I've been on both sides of the table at this event, both vending and buying. I can attest there's nothing like it. It's worth going solely based on the sheer quantity of eye candy. You can't round a corner without seeing some great purchase ahead or some stunning roughian who maybe hasn't showered in days, but still manages ,as little beads of sweat glisten down his/her shoulder (it can get hot in there), to look seductive.

Last year I scored a turn table and speakers from a drunk merchant for $20. I've pillaged for a favorite $5 vintage skirt.

Hungry? Grab a fifty cent vegan cup cake - or don't. Find the one vendor who refuses to go raw, vegan or whatever hipster food craze is going around and just makes one good ol' fashion pastry complete with butter, flour, and a ton of sugar for dirt cheap. I defy you walk in and walk out without procuring some

treasure you'll hold dear for years to come. Go ahead. Try me. I'll see you there.

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