Monday, July 5, 2010

Matt And Kim At The Piazza At Schmidts: Know Them. Go There.

You should know Matt and Kim. You should go to The Piazza at Schmidts. And if you had known Matt and Kim at The Piazza then you were there with me July 3rd for the Radio 104.5 free show. If you were there, then there was simply no way you could have been disappointed. From Matt and Kim to the venue right down to the parking - you simply could not lose.
Let's start with The Piazza. Bart Blatstein is the brains behind this endeavor which he described this way on the Piazza's website, " My dream was t
o create a ‘five minute neighborhood’ where people live, shop, eat, work and play, all within a few city blocks. With all forms of public transit nearby, residents will have ever
ything they need at their fingertips enabling them to decrease their carbon footprints by never having to use a car.". The success was evident ubiquitously.
Bikes were tethered to posts, trees, racks, everything. People cluttered the shops and restaurants to have a piece of the buzzing, youthful and, honestly, just stunningly beautiful atmosphere (made mostly beautiful by the crowd with help from the architecture and artists.). Upscale trendsetters mingled with hippies of new
generation in shops featuring emerging artists, restaurants (with decadent to the palate, but attainable to the wallet dishes) and on street corners and in door ways. There's no limit to what the eyes might take in there.
The piazza does feature something for everyone. Go to their website. Find a Phillies game on the big screen, a band you like, or peruse the market. Just go! Bike if can. Drive if you must.

I'd be lying if I said I have followed Matt and Kim's career - that my dedication to their body of work transcends time and
space. The truth would be more like, a friend of friend posted a blip about them on Facebook and mentioned the were coming to town. I checked out their work, immediately fell in love and decided to go see them. I had heard them on xpn and dog eared them in musical page of my brain. Upon the recollection and watching a couple of they're amazing and funny videos, I felt a kinship. Matt and Kim feel like your friends putting on a show in the basement. They fe
el knowable, relatable, and like a hell of a lot of fun.
They're enthusiasm is contagious.

They're beats are simple, but hypnotic. They are ice cream, the carbonation in your favorite soda, and your favorite accessory (You don't wear it all the time, but when you do, you love it.). Even if you don't fall madly in love with Matt and Kim's music, you would likely fall in love with them. Their latest album, Grand is worth having in your musical catalogue. Include them in, If for nothing more than the perfect beat on a summer day when you have the windows down and you're stuck at that damn stoplight for the millionth time. Or as Bart Blatstein envisions, you're on your way to The Piazza on your bike with your ipod projecting the joy that is Matt and Kim.

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