Saturday, June 12, 2010

Doylestown: Moravian Tile Works Festival

Before arriving at a wedding on May 16th of this year, I stumbled upon a gem in Doylestown. This may not be of great surprise to anyone since Doylestown boasts quite a few gems in its vicinity. However, I had never experienced
the Moravian Tile Works Festival
( I never knew there were so many ways to palpate the medium of ceramics and tile. The beauty and variety of displays was breath taking and in many instances completely affordable. Some styles featured were gloss, matte, mold, carved, classical themes and modern, as well as religious and distinctly secular; among many others.
Relatively unknown artists were paired with local stars like, Isaiah Zagar, responsible for Philadelphia's Magic Gardens (the south street and beyond mosaics in Phi
lly). (For a bonus, next time your updating your Netflix queue, check out the documentary Isaiah's son made – In A Dream
I was smitten by the charming and classic Alice In Wonderland depiction by Barbara of B. A. Schmidt Art (, a whimsical Stouffer's Dinner by Ricky Boscarino and Gregory Hicho (website under construction) in metallic tile as well as a compelling religious collection from Sligo Creek Tile Co. (
For the sake of your domestic art collection and to keep local art alive visit The Moravian Tile Works Festival when it comes around next year.

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