Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Archive

So, one free day I resolved to go
 inside.  The outside appears to be a vast warehouse, void of windows and aesthetics.  It deceived me and left me utterly unprepared for what lay inside.  I crossed the threshold and was immediately overwhelmed by florescent lights and shelves, upon shelves, upon rooms of books.  Straight ahead there was a room with a door closed that displayed a sign with a time limit and age requirement for entering, because it's is a room stacked to the gills with old Playboys and other semi-scandalous magazines.  
Beyond that a desk of comic books.  Beyond that a room full of children's books.  On my first trip here I found a children's history book from Abraham Lincoln's administration for $15 - The American Child's Pictorial History of the United States.  I held it like a Bible and walked the rest of the warehouse in absolute wonder.  
I was Alice In Wonderland.  (which I very fittingly purchased from there on another visit.)  I had fallen down the rabbit hole and did not care if I ever returned.  I went through the room with vintage magazines, old documents, prints, people's personal photos, boxes of match stick books, paintings, and God knows what else and arrived in a musical oasis.  
Boxes of vinyls lined a wall.   I breezed by various mini-stores full of nick knacks and toys.  I found a Cobra Commander station I swear my brothers had when I was little, among other frightening, hilarious and just plain awesome items.  

Eventually I made it back to the checkout and handed over the meager $15 for a piece of history.  I met owners Nancy and Dale who were more than friendly and took the time to find out what my interests were.  They have since set aside items they think may be of interest to me.

I have been back several times and have made this my official stop for all my records.  Their reasonable prices and vast treasures continually reel me in.  You should absolutely make this a stop if you are ever in Lansdale.  I promise you'll not be disappointed in this treasure chest with something for everyone.

The Archive
725 W. Second Street
Lansdale, Pa 19446 

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  1. Thanks, Honey!! Sounds like a great place to spend an afternoon...
    I shall take a latte and do so!!!