Sunday, October 4, 2009

Purple Stride at Tyler State Park November 7th

My father was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer one year ago this month and he passed away in January of this year.  Pancreatic Cancer is such an excruciating and cruel cancer that in many ways we thanked God for the brevity (and believe me, 3 months is not brief when you're living with this level of pain) of his time spent carrying it.  It is such a fierce contender that it is normally not discovered until it has already metastasized to other major organs.  By then it is too late.  

The pain is largely unmanageable.  There are narcotics and drugs, but they never really seem to offer little more than a slight dulling of the pain that is insurmountable - pain so great that you couldn't put a name to it if you wanted to.   

If you have loved and lost someone with this cancer then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Perhaps it wasn't Pancreatic Cancer.  Perhaps it was some other monstrous cancer.  Either way, you know the pain of loss.  It can be somewhat cathartic to get out in nature and walk it out or run it out.  So why not do it with us at the Purple Stride in beautiful Tyler State Park.  My husband, mom and I would love to see you there and you can even join our team if you'd like.  If you can't be there in body, maybe you could be there in spirit.  Send your love and prayers and if you can, donate on our donation page at this link.  Just hop on board the team at the registration page if you'd like. (see link below)  Our team name is "Love".  

It's VERY likely that after we do this walk/run we'll be using the awesome Frisbee Golf course at Tyler to play a round.  Let us know if you want in on this too.  You know you do!  

I hope to hear from you soon and see you there!

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